205 - Sequester-Sol<sup>®</sup> 29.5 mL

205 - Sequester-Sol® 29.5 mL

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• Sufficient for 100's of Samples •
• One Drop Per 5 mL of Blood • For Blood Preservation •

Sequester-Sol® is an effective, non-toxic anticoagulant, widely used in hematology and blood chemistry procedures. And it's very convenient and economical to use. It stabilizes the cellular constituents of blood in the same manner as the lavender top EDTA vacuum tubes.

You can obtain complete blood counts, as well as blood smears for staining, within 48 hours after collection of the specimen from the patient without any distortion of the cellular constituents.

  Product Unit of Measure
205 - Sequester-Sol 29 mL - 1 fl. oz

Information Sheet:



  • Place one drop of solution into clean blood collection tube.

  • Then add 5 mL of blood and invert tube 4 to 5 times.

**For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.**




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