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Worldwide over 60 Years of In Vitro Diagnostic Products

From our first breakthrough in 1953 to today's most advanced diagnostics, we've been on a relentless quest to develop products that solve problems, achieve the highest quality product standards and assure customers exceptional service. It's that passion for progress and customer dedication that has earned us the respect of top companies worldwide.



Breaking Barriers... Right From The Start

It was Cambridge's in vitro diagnostic products in the early 1950's that helped transform the analytical process, making it quicker, simpler, and far more accurate than ever before. From the start, our team of dedicated research chemists, pharmacists, biochemists, and other scientific experts were developing cutting-edge products.

Setting New Standards in Speed, Reliability, and Accuracy


Roy and Gary Gold, The Gold Brothers

By the 1960’s our team was tackling the tedious, five-solution, 10+ minute procedure of polychrome staining. In pioneering the revolutionary, Camco Quik Stain, Buffered Differential Wright Stain, we dramatically sped up the staining process 30 seconds, saving laboratories significant time and money without any sacrifice to quality staining.

The polychrome staining progress continued: Our Camco Quik Stain II (Wright-Giemsa) offered new red highlights with the same consistency, reliability, and accuracy of our original Camco Quik Stain. These great stains gave laboratory technicians extra time to be even more productive. Quality staining with simple, easy to use staining products was further enhanced with our Camco Stain Pak, available in both a three-16 fl. oz. bottle kit and convenient one gallon bottle sizes for larger laboratories. Camco Stain Pak includes a Fixative, Solution I and Solution II, with the ability and flexibility to enhance coloration to the individual technicians desire for either a more bluish or reddish coloration with assured quality within a broad range of coloration. At the urging of our of one of our large OEM healthcare distributors we developed a quality Wright Stain set featured the traditional Wright Stain, Fixative and 7.15 pH Buffer.

Throughout the '70s, '80s, '90s and now into the 21st century, we've broadened our focus, developing successful diagnostic solutions for fecal occult blood testing, anticoagulant, urinary sediment stain and platelet diluting fluid. We complete our product line with several exceptional biological and chemical stain removers, including our professional-grade, top rated Erado-Sol liquid and Erada-Stain cream. Both have enjoyed extraordinary success, including global private label distribution, as well as high-volume distribution to laboratories, doctors offices and Fortune 500 companies. Our customers have repeatedly rated these stain removers above all others for their powerful professional strength and performance. These success stories only challenge and inspire us to enhance the effectiveness, speed, reliability, and accuracy of our products even more.

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From the world's leading healthcare companies that rely on us for the finest private label products, to the clinical laboratories that trust us to meet their most stringent testing requirements... our reputation for performance, lot-to-lot consistency, and service excellence continues to grow. We're very proud of the lasting partnerships we've built with our customers-many of which are going strong decades later.

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