307 - Erado-Sol® - Fragrance & Dye Free

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Fast-Acting • Versatile • Neutral pH 7-8 •  Readily Biodegradable Surfactants •  No Bleach, Peroxide or Phosphates

There is absolutely nothing like it. Erado-Sol® rapidly removes most stains from hands, glassware, stainless steel, plastic, counters, floors, lab coats, clothing and hospital linen and laboratory equipment. Erado-Sol® removes most medical and histological stains including Iodine, Wright stain, Lugol’s stain, and fresh blood. Erado-Sol® is also useful in removing red wine, and most food stains.

  Product Unit of Measure
307-2 – Erado-Sol 59 mL - 2 fl. oz.
307 - Erado-Sol® - Fragrance and Dye Free 307-8 – E-Sol Foamy 236 mL - 8 fl. oz
307 - Erado-Sol® - Fragrance and Dye Free 307-16 – Erado-Sol 473 mL - 16 fl. oz.
307 - Erado-Sol® - Fragrance and Dye Free 307-32 – Erado-Sol 946 mL - 32 fl. oz.
307-G – Erado-Sol 3.78 L - 1 gallon
307 - Erado-Sol® - Fragrance and Dye Free 207-F-18 – Erado-Sol Foil Wipes - Only Available in Fragrance & Dye Free 18 Wipes

Information Sheet:
Laboratory Strength Biological & Chemical Stain Remover 
Fragrance and Dye Free

307-2, 307-8, 307-16, 307-32, 307-G & 307-F-18


Easy to Apply: Simply rub in gently (and like magic): the stain is removed in a matter of seconds. Rinse with water. For more stubborn stains, repeat as needed.

Surfaces and Floors: Simply apply to floors or equipment for difficult stains, let set for up to a couple of hours, then rinse with water. Repeat if necessary.

Colorfast Labcoats & Hospital Linen: Lightly moisten stained area with water. Place small amount of Erado-Sol directly on each stain & massage into fabric. Let sit 15 seconds. Rinse with water. Repeat if needed. For very stubborn stains: let soak, then rinse with water & launder as usual.



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