Camco Quik Stains

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The Fastest and Most Reliable Differential Stain Available

Fast: Requires less than 30 seconds
Reliable: Uniformity from slide to slide
Economical: Stains hundreds of smears
Simple to Use: Only one staining solution necessary

Camco Quik Stain revolutionized differential staining. One easy to use solution is all that is required for manual staining techniques. Both products incorporate a buffer into the stain solution eliminating many additional steps. Provides quick differential staining of blood smears in just 30 seconds. These products are great for a backup system in your lab or when a STAT result is necessary. These stains should be used with distilled water (pH 6-7) as the rinse.

Camco Quik Stains

210 - CAMCO QUIK STAIN® Wright Stain - Traditional Blue Coloration.
Size is 946 mL - 32 fl. oz. 

Camco Quik Stains

211, CAMCO QUIK STAIN® II Wright-Giemsa Stain - Traditional Blue-Red Coloration with Additional Red Highlights.
Size is 946 mL - 32 fl. oz. 

Information Sheet:
210 & 211
Camco Quik Stains

SDS: 210

SDS: 211

SDS: 2000


  1. Prepare blood smear on slide.

  2. Dip slide in stain for 10 seconds.

  3. Dip slide in distilled water (pH 6-7) for 20 seconds (or more for darker staining).

  4. Air dry.

**For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.**



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