1003 - Guaiac Tabs® 100 Tablets - test


Camco Guaiac Tabs are made of refined and purified Guaiac Gum and are used to determine the presence of occult blood in a fecal sample. Each box contains 100 tablets and 100 filter paper squares for your convenience.

This simple, reliable test requires only a tablet, a filter paper square, glacial acetic acid and 3% hydrogen peroxide to complete the procedure in just 2 minutes. Developement of a blue color on the filter paper may indicate the presence of blood.

Materials needed but not provided:

  • Wooden or plastic applicator sticks, Glacial Acetic Acid, Commercial Hydrogen Peroxide, 3%.



  1. Smear a small amount of stoll specimen on a square of filter paper supplied.

  2. Place a Guaiac-Tab in the center of the specimen.

  3. Flow two drops of glacial acetic acid and two drops of commercial 3% hydrogen peroxide onto the tablet.

  4. Read results within two minutes. Ignore any color forming after two minutes.

Positive: Moist area on filter paper appears blue within two minutes. If small amount of blood are present, color appears slowly and turns a light blue, Larger amounts appear blue more quickly and produce a deeper blue.

Negative: No trace of blue color appears within two minutes.

**For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.**

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