700-C - Camco® Positive Control Solutions

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Guaiac-based tests for fecal occult blood are a simple, convenient and economical test for the qualitative detection of occult blood in feces. This method is based on the release of hemoglobin, or heme components, from any red blood cells contained in the fecal specimen, which in turn catalyzes a peroxidase-like reaction with the Guaiac based test devices and peroxide Developer to produce a quinine structure that rapidly rearranges into a blue chromogen by electron transfer. 

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Positive Control Solution 700-C-1 Camco Positive Control Solution 1 Bottle - 7.5 mL each
Positive Control Solution
700-C Camco Positive Control Solution
10 Bottles - 7.5 mL each

Information Sheet:
Positive Control Solution


Quality Control:


  1. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for controlling this assay.

  2. The patient specimen should always be developed prior to performance of the CONTROL TEST (Unless the control test is being done alone).

  3. Gently mix the Positive Control by several inversions; place one small drop on the “Control” area on the back of the slide.

  4. After the drop has been absorbed, add two drops of Developer to the “Control” area.

  5. A blue color should form within thirty seconds. If no color forms, the test may be invalid and the patient test results should not be reported.

  6. If the Control tests as negative, retest all patients who tested negative.

  7. The blue color from the Positive Control should not be regarded as the intensity required from a positive patient test for occult blood in the stool.

  8. Read results up to thirty seconds. Disregard any colors that form after thirty seconds.

Negative Note: If a negative control is desired, one or two drops of water may be used to give a negative test reaction.



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